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Time for a walk on the Seaside again

July 29th, 2005 · 1 Comment · general

With my studies under control (for a certain given value of “control”) I feel like taking a walk on the Seaside again.

So tonight I grabbed the newest Squeak version from the official site. I then followed the instructions on the Seaside site and soon had a running Seaside application again.

One annoying thing though, it seems as if the proxy user and password is ignored by HTTPSocket. So I bypassed my local proxy and ignored the issue for now.

To get developing again, I installed all the packages I consider crucial to productive development in Squeak:

  • Whisker: Whisker with its stacked browsing approach works extremely well. One window with all the code I’m working on open feels much better to me than a lot of open browsers.
  • Shout: Code highlighting for Squeak. Call me spoiled, but boring black text is just not fun anymore. Install ShoutWhisker as well.
  • TestBrowser: I like Eclipse’s integration with JUnit. The standard SUnit Test Runner in Squeak looks almost defunct compared to it. TestBrowser makes running tests fun again.
  • SVI: I kept the best for last: SVI is by far my favourite Squeak development extension. It gives me VI bindings everywhere in Squeak (it does Emacs too, but who cares about that). It also enables tab completion which is incredibly useful. Of course, since Smalltalk is not statically typed it doesn’t get it right all the time. It works well enough to save me lots of time though.

Ok, I need to stress this: SVI gives you VI bindings in Squeak. For someone who believes that bash should by default be “set -o vi”, this is a killer feature.

I am writing a little application, with the potential to grow to something actually useful. Under these controlled conditions, I decided to experiment with Magma. Object databases are just so much more fun to work with, even though Object-Relational mapping is getting a
lot better these days.

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  • 1 Fred // Aug 23, 2007 at 12:35

    Compare the HTPPSocket post with get document methods – you’ll notice that the proxy authentication is in the post method, but not in the get method – easy to address…

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