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Danie Roux *shuffle* Adore Unix

April 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment · personal

My email signature is the following:

Danie Roux *shuffle* Adore Unix

Every now and again someone figures out what I am trying to depict and they shake their heads in complete disbelieve:

  • People who know me, know I am a Linux fan. In general, a Unix fan.
  • Some would in fact say, I rather adore unix.
  • Turns out, danie roux is an anagram for adore unix!

Here is how you too, can waste a lot of time:

On Ubuntu/Debian, install the application with:

aptitude install an

Execute it with:

an -m 5 yournamewithoutspaces

Decrease the 5 if you don’t get good results :-)

Find more word lists here to play with.

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  • 1 Mark your Annabel // May 23, 2008 at 11:51

    My name is not quite that good, anagramwise. Some were still quite entertaining, like “Broken lunar maya”

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