Coffee and toothpaste

I am in a bed and breakfast staring at myself in the mirror. My toothbrush and toothpaste ready to brush my teeth.

Pondering a problem: Brushing my teeth now would kill my taste buds.

This morning I am going to a coffee shop I have not been to. A coffee shop that boasts six coffees prepared in five different ways. This morning and that coffee is a key part of this trip.

Looking at the time I have about an hour to enjoy this coffee. There is no time to go have coffee, come back, brush teeth, and go to my client.

Why did I oversleep? Could I take my toothbrush with me and brush my teeth after the coffee?

Everyone has their moment when it finally hit you that you live a privileged life. That the problems you are creating for yourself do not exist as real problems.

This was my moment.

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